State: Small Percentage of Breath Tests Invalid
BOSTON (AP) _ State officials say there is no evidence breath test machines used to test for drunken driving in Massachusetts are working improperly.
But a review by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety of 39,000 breath tests did reveal a small number _ fewer than 150 _ to be invalid be…
State Adding Up Costs Of Drug Lab Scandal
Gov. Deval Patrick's administration is trying to figure out how much it will cost the state to sort through the legal problems caused by the mishandling of evidence at a Massachusetts drug testing lab.
In a letter sent on Thursday, Secretary of Administration and Finance Jay Gonzalez asked district a…
SAT Scores Plummet As More Students Take the ACT
The average national scores on two out of the three sections of the SAT exam, which is the standardized test students take in order to get into college, trended down for the class of 2012.
That could have to do with the fact more students in the class of '12 took the rival ACT exam than the SAT …