Open Letter to Marylou’s
I am a former Bridgewater State University student who made it through college by making Marylou’s runs on study breaks. I now live in Dartmouth and I work in Fairhaven. The closest Marylou’s to me opened in Lakeville a few months ago
What’s New?
In my new blog starting today, "What's New?", we will tell you any changes coming in your neighborhood.
Starbucks Controversy Returns
Whatever happened to "Eat, drink and be merry?" Starbucks actually discontinued the festive Christmas cookie back in 2010, but it's making the rounds on social media again.
This cute polar bear is supposed to be wearing a festive little scarf around his neck to keep him warm, b…
Starbucks is Coming to Dartmouth…Again!
Hannoush Plaza has been under construction in Dartmouth for a few months now, and it was recently confirmed that 435 State Road will soon be home to Starbucks Coffee. Between that and Mirasol’s Cafe next door, this basic fall chick will be getting her caramel macchiato …
National Coffee Day Is Sunday
Sunday is National Coffee Day and that means freebies and discounts at some major chains. 
Starbucks will give visitors a free sample of Ethiopia coffee. 
Krispy Kreme is offering customers a free 12-ounce cup just for walking through the door...