Scott Brown to Speak in New Hampshire
Former Massachusetts U.S. Senator Scott Brown will be the keynote speaker at the New Hampshire Republican Party event later this month.
There has been widespread speculation that Brown will run for the GOP nomination to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen next year...
Obama: Partisian Divisions Holding Back Economic Growth
President Obama insists the economy continues to improve, despite the climate of "crisis politics" in the nation's capital. 
Speaking at a "Wall Street Journal" business conference, the President said partisan divisions are holding back more robust growth…
Providence Catholic Bishop Becomes A Republican
The timing couldn't have been better for the Republican National Committee, meeting in Boston, to hear that Bishop Thomas Tobin, the leader of the Providence Catholic Diocese, has officially left the Democratic Party to become a Republican!
Gabriel Gomez Should Be Supported
Yes, Gabriel Gomez, the U.S. Senate candidate who lost to Ed Markey in the recent special election, should be applauded and supported for his decision to join the board of directors of GOProud, a national conservative group of gay and lesbian conservatives.

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