Prostitute Arrested on Collette Street in New Bedford
NEW BEDFORD - Police have arrested a woman after she was found offering to engage in sex for a fee.
New Bedford Police were conducting a surveillance operation on Collette Street just after 7 p.m. Tuesday when they say Melissa Bennett, 38, of New Bedford offered to perform sexual acts in exchang…
Five People Arrested for Prostitution in New Bedford
Five people were arrested Thursday in New Bedford following an investigation into street-level prostitution and drug activity in the city's North End.
The investigation, conducted by the New Bedford Police Narcotics Division, is part of a continuing crackdown on criminal activity in the North Fr…
Barry Richard – California Decriminalizes Child Prostitution
Child prostitution will be decriminalized in California when the new year begins on Sunday.
California Governor, Progressive Democrat Jerry Brown signed controversial Senate Bill 1322 into law in September of this year. The law, which decriminalizes prostitution for minors takes effect on January 1st…
Six Arrested in New Bedford Prostitution/Drug Sting
NEW BEDFORD - Six people have been arrested, five of them for prostitution on the streets of New Bedford.
New Bedford Police carried out a sting operation focusing on drug activity and prostitution in the North End Tuesday night. Five women, ages 25 to 40, one of them homeless, are charged with sexua…

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