Oil Spill in Padanaram Harbor
DARTMOUTH—An oil spilled occurred late this morning in Padanaram Harbor.
A Petro Oil truck making a delivery sprung a leak on the western, Gulf Road side of the Padanaram Bridge, in a construction zone.
Dartmouth District One fire officials say a small amount of oil seeped into Padanaram Harbor,…
Coast Guard Investigates Oil Spill in New Bedford
NEW BEDFORD (AP) - The Coast Guard says about two drums worth of oil has been recovered after spilling from an unidentified source Thursday into New Bedford Harbor.
The Coast Guard and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection were called to the harbor after the oil was spotted pushin…
Oil Spill Contained in Fairhaven
An oil spill in the Fairhaven Shipyard has been contained.
Fairhaven Deputy Fire Chief Todd Correia tells WBSM News the spill was reported Tuesday morning, and was quite extensive. "Most of the oil slicks and oil things that we find in the harbor are usually uncollectable, meaning the fact that …
Gas Prices Continue to Drop in Massachusetts
BOSTON (AP) _ The average cost of a gallon of gasoline in Massachusetts has dropped another 2 cents from last week.
AAA Northeast said its weekly survey released on Monday found self-serve, regular selling for an average of $2.07 per gallon...

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