[Richard] MA Officials Slam Trump Transgender Reversal
So, the Massachusetts power bunch is in a bunge over the Trump Administration's reversal of an Obama-era edict that forced schools to allow boys into girls locker rooms, bathrooms and gym showers.
Obama last year issued an executive order that allowed students to use the privies of their choice as lo…
Trump Seriously Considering Romney Shows Thick Skin
Throughout the 2015-16 Republican primary, President-Elect Donald Trump said some really mean spirited, nasty things and even said some intentional lies about his political foes. Once eliminated, he would offer praise and a more dignified description of the defeated opponents...
New Bedford Fishing Industry has High Hopes for Trump Presidency
In an industry that has been bogged down with federal regulations, fishing representatives are hoping for a big silver lining with President-Elect Donald Trump.
While many across the country have expressed concern with Trump's stance on social issues, Jim Kendall of New Bedford Seafood Consulting is …

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