WBSM Newscast Morning January 24, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Rep. Markey of Dartmouth says he's ready to play hardball is others don't support Southcoast rail funding
-  Pilgrim United Church and Mercy Meals is opening a shelter again Thursday night due to the frigid temperatures
- New Bedford Police say that a man jumped out a…
WBSM Newstcast Morning January 23, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
-  The New England fishery management council says that low cod numbers could drive down catch limits
- City officials are designing a new ordinance that would allow the City to take over 'problem properties'
- Greater New Bedford labor market is still in the top two for unemployment …
WBSM Newscast Evening January 22, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Mayor Mitchell proposed an ordinance to give the city tools to crack down on 'problem properties'
-  Providence man is under arrest after attempting to promote a fake concert at White's of Westport
- Two New Bedford men are under arrest after breaking into laundromat
WBSM Newscast Morning January 22, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Bankruptcy records show that the pharmacy linked to the meningitis outbreak in Massachusetts pulled millions of dollars out of the company
- A new ordinance  in New Bedford will hold property holders of the 'property problem' areas in New Bedford responsible for the cost of emergen…
WBSM Newscast Morning January 18, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- New Bedford firefighters extinguished a large house fire on Thursday night. The fire was deep in the building, and crews had a hard time
- Jon Mitchell is Washington attending the conference of mayors
- Man charged with a New Bedford robbery last week, is now being charged with anot…
WBSM Newscast Morning January 17, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Governor Deval Patrick provided new details on his tax plan
- Officials say it's a slow time of year to clean up the Parker St. Waste site
- A major accident in Dartmouth sent four people to the hospital yesterday
WBSM Newscast Morning January 15, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Staff shortages are among one of the many thing in the New Bedford schools
- Civil Rights groups are asking Martha Coakley to investigate the Malcolm Gracia case
- Good news that the Patrick administration has included money for the Southcoast commuter rail, but many want more than …
WBSM Newscast Morning January 11, 2013
WBSM Top Stories
- The city council says making New Bedford city residents  included in the development of the South Terminal project is a priority
- New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell looking for a new school superintendent
- 18 year old Dartmouth teen is being held after bringing an illegal firearm into …
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day January 9, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- There are 18 flu related deaths this season
- Congressman Tierny is concerned that fisherman relief will come up short
-  New Bedford's plan to plan a solar farm in Rochester has been approved
WBSM Newscast Evening January 8, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
-  Traffic was backed up on route 240 in Fairhaven on Tuesday afternoon due to a minor accident
- There is a new New Bedford city council president
-  Officials at Boston Logan airport say they have contained a fuel leak on a Japan Air flight

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