Cleveland’s NAACP Wants Changes In Police Force
The NAACP in Cleveland is demanding changes to the city's police force and the prosecutor's office.
At a press conference today, leaders from the group say the grand jury decision not to indict the Cleveland police officers involved in the Tamir Rice shooting death is their rallying cry for…
Community Leaders Agree to New Bedford Action Plan
A friendlier New Bedford is the goal of a Community Action Plan signed by local organization members Wednesday.
Mayor Jon Mitchell, representatives of the NAACP, the Puerto Rican and Latin American Culture Committee, the Human Relations Commission, and members of the faith community agreed to improve…
City and Community Groups Plan for Better Communication
Mayor Jon Mitchell and representatives of various community organizations are going to sign an action plan to improve relations between the city and its residents
.The plan was drafted as a follow up to the community law enforcement dialogue facilitated by the Department of Justice, in the wake of th…