Crusader Mascot Comes Under Siege
A campus task force has been named by the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester to gauge the opinions of the Holy Cross community on whether or not keep the Crusader name and symbol. This topic has surfaced before. And there are two sides to this story...
The Best Way To Stop Terrorism
Banning assault weapons. No Fly, no buy. Taking the battle to the terrorists. There are numerous ways offered to fight terrorism. Brian offers the best constitutionally legal method to at least slow the onslaught.
Facebook Boss Promises To Support Muslims On Social Network
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is offering words of support for Muslims who fear retaliation for the recent violent attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris and San Bernardino.
In the wake of those attacks, Zuckerberg wrote on his personal Facebook page Wednesday that he wants to assure Muslims they are …
Trump Demands Halt To Muslims Entering U.S.
Donald Trump is demanding a halt to Muslims entering the U.S. In a statement from his campaign, Trump calls for a, quote, "total and complete shutdown" of Muslims coming into the country until leaders in Washington can act.
Trump said a number of Muslims have a "hatred&…
Schilling Removed From ESPN Little League Coverage
ESPN is removing former MLB pitcher and baseball analyst Curt Schilling from its Little League World Series coverage after he sent out a controversial tweet.
Schilling posted a tweet using some questionable math to draw parallels between extremist Muslims and Germans under Adolph Hitler...
Muslims And Others Rally In Boston Against Violence
Nearly 80 people gathered in Boston's Copley Square for a candlelight vigil against violence, marking one month since 150 children and teachers were killed at a school in Pakistan by Taliban gunmen.
Muslims and people of other faiths held candles Friday evening and waved signs saying ``not in my…