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Third Party Candidate Idea Stinks
There's no way a third-party candidate can win in the upcoming election, yet Republican William Kristol pitched the idea to draft an independent candidate, like Mitt Romney, to splinter the vote to derail Donald Trump from possibly winning the presidential race...
Republican Party Leaders Attack Donald Trump
The criticism of Donald Trump from leading Republican figures is growing more intense.
The party's last two nominees for president, Mitt Romney and John McCain, today called Trump unfit for office and a danger for the nation and the party...
Romney Mulls 2016 Presidential Run
24/7 News Source - Mitt Romney is thinking about making another run for the White House.
The "Wall Street Journal" reports the 2012 Republican presidential nominee told donors he is considering making a third bid for the office.
Supporters at a New York meeting said Romney didn'…
Who Is America’s Most Influential Politician?
Nearly 14 years after he left office, former President Bill Clinton is the country's most influential politician, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg poll that looked at whose endorsement would be able to sway voters.
Will Americans Be Safe at the Winter Olympics?
Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says Americans attending the Winter Olympics in Russia will be safe.
Romney spoke with "Fox News Sunday" about a series of recent terror attacks and said he's confident the 2014 games will remain secure...

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