Accusation of Racism on the MBTA
Melissa Wadman is a friend of mine who works at Boston University. She was taking the morning bus to work on Friday, September 15th when she witnessed what she describes as "acute, direct racism."
Boston Transit Police Recover Missing $40,000 Violin
BOSTON (AP) _ Police have located a $40,000 violin that had been accidentally left by its owner at a Boston train station.
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority police say the violin was recovered Tuesday night. The 1855 George Gemunder instrument along with a $6,000 bow is expected to be return…
Hanson Man Dies When Car Struck By Freight Train
A 20-year-old Hanson man died early Friday after his car was struck by a freight train. The Brockton Enterprise is reporting that a car driven by Kyle Champignie of Hanson was struck by a CSX Corporation freight train on the tracks near Oak Street in Bridgewater.
South Coast Rail: Be Careful What You Wish For
To be within the radius of the MBTA means being subjected to much higher taxes to pay for an institution that is rarely held accountable for fiscal irresponsibility and "special" tax zones for businesses who happen to be near train stations, even if the station doesn't benefit…

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