BC in 3000 BC
Birth control has always been a taboo to speak about. There are many opinions on the subject, many methods to choose from, and it has seen quite the history. This brief list might make you happy with whatever form of contraception you currently use or have used in the past...
The Vatican’s Great Debate
For the first time in perhaps the history of the Catholic church the debate on contraception, cohabitation, divorce, re-marriage and gay marriage are being put to parishioners...and I for one think this is a genius idea.
Together 4 Tolerance Event Launching
The human family is very diverse, with many, many different beliefs, lifestyles and cultures! Conflict is caused when people are intolerant of the ways of others. All the more reason to have an event that fosters understanding, fairness and acceptance, called Together 4 Tolerance at Fall River&…
Teen Pregnancy Rate Plummets In U.S.
Teen birth rates are at a historic low. The National Center for Health Statistics says the number of births to teens between 15 and 19-years-old last year was about 275-thousand.
That's the lowest number since the agency began tracking data from all states in 1933...