OPINION |Barry Richard: Pence No Advocate For Conversion Therapy
Vice President Mike Pence is being targeted by the looney left again as being a gay-hating, right-wing conservative Christian who supports conversion therapy to change gay people into straight people.  Just like that. Poof.
Problem is, Pence has never said that and no one can provide proof that …
Santa’s A Conservative
Santa has all the telltale signs of being a conservative! Could it be? Have you ever heard Santa bellowing "Happy Holidays?" I haven't. It's always been "Mer-ry Christmas - Ho Ho Ho!" And speaking of the way it's always been, Santa believes in tradition, like cookies and milk, a …
Trump Picking Conservative “Dream Team” Cabinet
For some #NeverTrump types, the concern was that he isn't a dye in the wool conservative and would lead erratically. Over the last few days, this is proven to be a myth as one looks over his choices for cabinet level members.
Now, sure there are fear mongers on the left who have been taught (qui…

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