gun control

Shame On Lowell
All right class, listen up. In the state that gave birth to the American Revolution, residents of Lowell, Massachusetts face a wrongheaded new requirement for obtaining unrestricted right-to-carry gun permits by having to submit a written "essay" to the chief of police that ex…
Evil And Madness In Oregon
Here we go again. Another mass shooting shattered the lives of students at Umpqua Community College, their families, friends and everyone of conscience. This crazed killer has been identified and one of his motives was to kill Christians. He forced innocent people to lye down and then told them, one…
Lawmakers Face Full Agenda At Statehouse
State lawmakers will have plenty on their plates when they ramp up activity after Labor Day.
    The House and Senate have not met formally since the end of July.
    Among the high-profile issues the Legislature is likely to grapple with in the fall are gun c…

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