Gulf of Maine

Federal Fishing Regulators Planning Quota Changes
Federal fishing regulators are planning a host of changes to the quota limits of several important New England fish, including cod.
New England fishermen search for cod in two key fishing areas, Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine. Regulators have enacted a series of cutbacks to the cod quota in those…
New Video System Developed By SMAST To Count Fish
Researchers with the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth say a new video system will help provide data to better inform management of New England's beleaguered cod population.
UMass Dartmouth School for Marine Science and Technology scientists say their new video system will help assess the sp…
Feds: Cod Stocks Worse than Suspected
One of the two critical areas where New England fishermen search for cod may be in even worse shape than suspected.
Fishing managers already knew stocks of Georges Bank's cod were thin. New data from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center says research boats fishing the broad swath of elevated sea fl…
Northeast Consortium Awards Funding for Fishing Research
A University of New Hampshire-based group is funding three research projects that will focus on spawning groundfish in New England waters.
Groundfish include species such as cod and haddock that have high economic value.
The three awards from the Northeast Consortium total more than $335,000...
Regulators Considering More Cod Restrictions
Federal regulators are considering additional restrictions to the Gulf of Maine cod fishing industry.
The New England Fishery Management Council is set to vote on the restrictions at a meeting in Newport, Rhode Island, on Wednesday. The council on Tuesday enacted a quota cut that reduces total allowa…
Regulators To Vote On 2015 Cod Fishing Rules
Federal fishery regulators might set rules for the badly declined Gulf of Maine cod fishery this week.
The New England Fishery Management Council is meeting Monday through Thursday in Newport, Rhode Island to set rules for the coming fishing season that begins in May...
Cod Prices Expected To Rise
Fishermen and dealers say new restrictions on commercial cod fishing in the Gulf of Maine will likely make local cod more expensive to New England consumers.
But industry sources also say supply from countries such as Iceland and Norway will keep cod in abundance at fish markets and fish-and-chip sho…
Cod Fishing Restrictions Up For Vote This Week
Federal regulators will consider emergency restrictions to the Gulf of Maine's cod fishery this week.
The New England Fishery Management Council will consider the restrictions at its meeting in Hyannis, Massachusetts this week. The three-day meeting begins on Tuesday and concludes Thursday...

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