NBHS Five Year Graduation at 67%
When I think of a 5th year senior, my imagination conjures up a college football player, red shirted for a year to gather more maturity for the sport. Never ever do I see the high school student graduating as a fifth year senior. But lookee here...
New Bedford High Grads Look To The Future
After four years of hard work, the class of 2015 is moving on from New Bedford High School.
A long line of students in crimson caps and gowns marched onto Walsh field Thursday evening, as proud parents snapped photos and cheered.
Honors student, Zachary Carneiro tells WBSM News that moving on from New…
New Bedford Voc-Tech Seniors Move On
As New Bedford Regional Voc-Tech seniors made sure which side of the cap their gold tassels were on, family and friends eagerly waited for the 38th graduation ceremony to begin on Wednesday afternoon.
Proud parents watched on as students accepted their diplomas...

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