George Heath Superhero Scholarship Fundraiser
From Rosemary Heath:
"George loved teaching!  It was definitely the time of his life when he enjoyed every minute.
George and I stood side-by-side when a madman came into Bertucci's in Taunton MA on May 10th. The madman was stabbing a young pregnant waitress and we intervened to sav…
Jimmy Owens Escorted Out of Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech
The father of an outspoken student at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech is let go from his position at the school.
According to the Standard Times, guidance counselor Jimmy Owens was escorted out of the building Tuesday morning. In a statement, Superintendent James O'Brien indicated Owens' dismi…
New Bedford Voc-Tech Expansion Begins
Another historic undertaking for Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech High School as they look to expand their facilities.
Administrators, along with city and state officials broke ground on the new $17 million renovation and expansion project Wednesday...
New Bedford Voc-Tech Named BioTeach School
New Bedford's vocational high school is named one of fifteen BioTeach schools in the state, with a strong focus on life sciences education.
Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech will be provided with professional development, curriculum tools, and equipment for school labs, as part of the MassBioEd Found…