Christmas Market Attack Suspect Shot Dead In Italy
French authorities are refusing to comment on how the Berlin attack suspect apparently crossed into France and left again in the face of an international manhunt.
Anis Amri was fatally shot today when he opened fire on police in Milan, Italy, who stopped him for a routine ID check...
Update on Paris Terror Attacks
Associated Press - French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is vowing to "destroy" those behind the rampage across Paris that killed at least 129 people and wounded hundreds of others.
Replica 18th Century War Ship Sets Sail from France To Boston
With champagne, fireworks and a presidential blessing, a painstakingly built replica of the frigate once used to bring French troops and funds to American revolutionaries set sail Saturday for the U.S. East Coast.
With the celebratory sendoff, the 25 million euro ($27 million) Hermione began its voya…
Obama: U.S. And Britain To Help France Seek Justice
President Barack Obama says the U.S. and Britain will do everything in their power to help France seek justice for last week's terror attacks.
Obama spoke at a news conference Friday with British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Obama says they spent much of their time in two days of meetings talkin…

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