Saying Goodbye to Another Legend in 2016
Well, 2016 has certainly been a year of heartbreaking losses, and it couldn't end without taking one more famous name with it, and this one hits me particularly hard.
But this isn't yet another celebrity death--this loss was preventable...
Developer Discussing New Bedford Casino With Foxwoods
Developers of a proposed resort casino in Massachusetts on the New Bedford waterfront say Foxwoods is among the gambling companies they are in discussions with to operate the facility.
Former NBA commissioner David Stern, an adviser to KG Urban Enterprises, told Massachusetts regulators Thursday that…
Former CT Congressman: Casinos Not a Good Bet
Former congressman turned author Bob Steele of Connecticut makes no bones about it: he's opposed to casino gambling and the impact it has on people and the communities where they're located.
Speaking with WBSM's Taylor Cormier, Steele said the nation's most successful casinos, Fox…

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