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Confirmed! McDonald’s Really DOES Have a Secret Menu
A few weeks ago, I wrote about the new "food hack" technique of deep-frying a Big Mac. I mentioned one of the supposed secret menu items that I've enjoyed in the past, but there had never really been any official word from within McDonaldland that there was indeed a …
McDonald’s Bag Tray is Genius [VIDEO]
I can't remember the last time I ate McDonald's food, but I certainly remember their takeout bags and attempting to eat on the go without making a mess. (Not successful).
This new invention might save you a lot of clean up time. It's a takeout bag that turns into a tray on-the-go...
Fast Food Workers to Protest Thursday
Workers at several Boston fast-food restaurants are expected to take part in a nationwide protest tomorrow, walking off the job in support of higher wages and benefits.
The "Globe" says up to 200 workers are expected to participate outside nine of the biggest fast food chains, inclu…

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