Board Approves MBTA Fare Hike, Buys 40 New Buses
MBTA fares are on the way up.
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation's board of directors voted Wednesday to increase the price of bus, subway, and commuter rail passes.
The fare increases, first announced in March, will take effect July 1...
SRTA Bus Fares Increase
The Southeast regional Transit Authority's Advisory Board has approved a compromise on fare increases after weeks of lobbying by Bus Riders United and other political action groups.
SRTA Proposes Fare Changes, Seniors Not Happy
Younger people are pleased with, while senior citizens are balking at the bus fare changes proposed by SRTA.
Southeastern Regional Transit Authority administrator Erik Rousseau explained the changes as a flat fee with one free transfer for $1...
Hearing On Local Bus Rates
The Southeasteatern Regional Transit Authority heard from a number of local residents at a public hearing Wednesday night regarding their proposed rate hike.