Mosquito Spraying Taking Place In New Bedford Parks Thursday
The Bristol County Mosquito Control Project will conduct targeted ground spraying early on the morning of Thursday, August 21, 2014.  This round of spraying will target the areas of Fort Taber, Brooklawn Park, Buttonwood Park, Hazelwood Park, Riverside Park, the Poor Farm Area, Clasky Common Pa…
EEE Detected In Freetown Deer
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced Thursday that Eastern equine encephalitis, commonly known as EEE, was detected in a deer in Freetown.
The state has raise the town's EEE threat level to High, which comes with an advisory to adjust outdoor activity during peak mosquito hour…
EEE Detected In Wesport
EEE has been detected in Westport.
The town's Board of Health said Wednesday that state officials discovered the virus in testing of a species of mosquito called Culiseta Melanura, which feeds almost exclusively on birds.
Officials advise residents to stay indoors during peak mosquito hours and u…
Mosquito Spraying Early Thursday In New Bedford
Mosquito spraying in New Bedford resumes early Thursday. The New Bedford Board of Health says the Bristol County Mosquito Control Project will conduct spraying early Thursday from 2am to sunrise.
The areas targeted for spraying include Fort Tabor, Buttonwood Park, Hazelwood Park, Brooklawn Park, the …
EEE Found In Middleborough Horse
 Massachusetts health officials say a new case of Eastern equine encephalitis has been found in a horse in Middleborough, and are urging people to continue precautions against mosquitoes.
    The Department of Health said Friday it is raising the threat level to ``critical'' in Middleborough and ``…
EEE Found in North End Mosquitoes
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has confirmed the finding of Eastern Equine Encephalitis infected mosquitoes in the north end of New Bedford.
The MDPH says the virus was found in bird-biting mosquito samples near the New Bedford Industrial Park...

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