Ninety-Four More Days ‘Til [Video]
With all the talk about Black Friday 1 AM shopping, here's a friendly reminder. Halloween is more than a month away, Thanksgiving is a full 2 plus months over the horizon. Guess what? There are 94 shopping days before Christmas.
Grade School Drops Holiday Celebrations
Does it matter that public schools are dropping holiday celebrations with the goal of being more culturally sensitive and inclusive? The Associated Press reports a St. Paul, Minnesota grade school is dumping holiday celebrations because it doesn't want to encroach on educational opportunities or thr…
Is This Your Ring?
Correia's sister found a ring in Dartmouth, and she posted a photo of it on Facebook a few days later hoping someone would be able to claim the missing piece of jewelry. It's been two weeks since the item was found, but the rightful owner has not come forward...
Max the Mini Horse Gave Cole a Christmas Present
Ok, so it wasn't really the horse that gave this sweet little boy the ultimate Christmas gift, but Max's owner, Julie. Her family came together to get Cole this quad as a special thanks for his sacrifice and the kindness he showed Max.
On Saturday, Julie posted on Facebook: "E…

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