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SJC To Resolve Questions About Campaign Contributions
BOSTON (AP) _ The state's highest court is set to take up the question of whether Massachusetts can ban political contributions from businesses while allowing contributions from unions.
Under state campaign finance law, businesses are not allowed to contribute to candidates while unions can dona…
Baker Stockpiles $4.6 Million In Campaign War Chest
BOSTON - (AP)  Top Massachusetts politicians are sitting on large amounts of campaign cash heading into the 2018 election cycle.
One of the largest belongs to Republican Gov. Charlie Baker who had $4.6 million as of mid-December.
That's well ahead of what former Democratic Gov...
Campaign Finance Bill Clears Mass. House And Senate
A bill designed to tighten reporting requirements for independent political expenditures, including those made by political action committees known as super PACs is heading to Gov. Deval Patrick's desk.
Under the bill given final approval Thursday, corporations, labor unions and political committees …