Attorney General Eric Holder

DEA Director Leonhart Stepping Down
The head of the embattled Drug Enforcement Administration has announced her retirement.
Word of the retirement of Michele Leonhart came late today in a statement from Attorney General Eric Holder.
Leonhart had faced mounting pressure to resign from members of Congress who questioned her competence in …
Holder Urges Balanced Approach In Dealing With Heroin Crisis
Attorney General Eric Holder says the government needs to deal differently with the heroin epidemic than it did with the crack cocaine crisis decades ago.
Holder told a Senate committee Thursday that a ``balanced approach'' involving treatment, education and enforcement is needed to confron…
Toyota To Pay Billion Dollar Settlement
Toyota will pay more than one-billion dollars in a settlement over safety issues. 
Attorney General Eric Holder said Toyota intentionally misled consumers about unintended vehicle acceleration in 2009 and 2010.  Holder noted that the Japanese automaker also concealed problems from U...