Ken Pittman: Tomorrow’s Prediction
The dust has settled, people are in camps to stay. Voters will walk to booths with their  ballots and with their candidates and answers in mind. It is Monday November 7th, 2016. Tomorrow, either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Donald John Trump Jr...
NFL 2016 Predictions Thru Superbowl
The AFC appears to have fewer contenders beyond the Patriots and Steelers, perhaps Kansas City, Oakland or Jacksonville making the biggest strides. I keep hearing about the return and rise of the Baltimore Ravens but seeing is believing for me...
Meadowlark Lemon Dies At 83
Meadowlark Lemon, the ''clown prince'' of
basketball's barnstorming Harlem Globetrotters, whose blend of hook
shots and humor brought joy to millions of fans around the world,
has died. He was 83.
Lemon's wife and daughter confirmed to the team that he died Sunday
in Scottsd…
Parents Pledge To Honor Kayla Mueller’s Legacy
The parents of Kayla Jean Mueller have released a letter their daughter had written to them while being held by the Islamic State group.
In it, the 26-year-old aid worker said she was ``in a safe location, completely unharmed.''
Mueller also tells her parents she is ``fighting'' an…
Brady Says MVP Truck Should Go To Malcolm Butler
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says he ``would love to'' give the truck he got for winning his third Super Bowl MVP to defensive back Malcolm Butler.
Butler made the game-saving interception at the goal line in the final minute of Sunday night's 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.…
If You Left for the Super Bowl RIGHT NOW
As of this writing, we're just about 32 hours away from kickoff of Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona. I won't be going, and chances are, neither are you. But let's just suppose you looked in your couch cushions, found about $20,000 in loose change, and decided to put it to good use…

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