New Bedford Holds Walk to Remember Victims and Survivors of Opioid Use
NEW BEDFORD- The Walk to Remember Victims of Opioid Use and Survivors of Opioid Abuse kicked off Wednesday night at Joseph P. Monte playground on Acushnet Avenue.
The walk is designed to raise awareness of the dangers opioid use and the lasting effects it has on not only the user, but also the family…
Community Policing, Heroin Overdose Outreach Key, Says Chief
In a wide-ranging interview with WBSM's Brian Thomas, New Bedford Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro touched on a lot of subjects that plague the police force, including panhandlers, shootings and drug overdoses.
Chief Cordeiro says the problem with the latter isn't with increased heroin use, but rather th…
EXCLUSIVE: Overdoses in New Bedford Nearly Doubled in 2016
NEW BEDFORD - Staggering totals as New Bedford Police release the number of opioid overdose calls they responded to in 2016. Last year, police reported a total of 679 overdoses, with 42 deaths resulting. That's nearly twice the amount of overdoses in 2015, when police responded to 389 overdoses…

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