Not sure if this is a great idea or not but the state of New York is about to open 'Text Stops' along their highway's.  There are signs along the highway's for the texting zones, signs say 'It can wait, text zone in 5-miles'. 

The state will have over 90 texting zones for people who just cant wait to send their messages.  If this becomes popular look for other states to follow the lead.  This could work well if people are willing to take time to stop and send their texts.  Knowing how people really are, I'm sure they will just drive right on by the stops and text while driving.

I'm glad the state is trying to do something to stop texting and driving, what else can they do?  The next step is some kind of blocking system that will block phones from working inside your car, if that happens I'm sure those 'Text Stops' will be packed!