Movies are made from stuff like this! Two talented, talented, talented and beautiful young rockers from Rochester, MA who strutted their dreams on the X-Factor Stage in front of a national television audience! And to be frank with you, I don't believe a language has been invented that could aptly describe in words what they accomplished.

Janelle Garcia was brought out and asked to identify some of her music mentors. She payed honor to the great Pat Benetar. Simon was a bit surprised. Then the magic began as Janelle belted out her rendition of the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals hit "Paris Ooh La La." And OOH LA LA LA LA - Jennel brought down the house!! Way to go!! And she's going far in the music industry!!

Then, Jillian Jensen walks on stage and X Factor history was made! From her moving and unforgettable personal story of the pain she endured for years being bullied at school, to the soul wrenching rendition of "Who You Are," I have never seen a feature segment that was one of the most unbelievably moving segments of this hit television show!

In a moment, you'll see the connection made with Jillian and Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid, Britney Spears,and - for the first time ever - a crying Simon Cowell. Jillian Jensen not only hit a grand slam, she touched the young hearts of millions of others who were bullied today and gave them someone to look to for inspiration and resolve! That turns a performance,and a person,into a true Tour de Force! After viewing the YouTube clip, please leave your comments and thoughts.  I'll end by saying that Jillian's story was a powerhouse launch for season 2 of The X Factor!