Today on the show, we were talking about convenience store owners defending themselves against would-be thieves and thugs.

The question was, is it a good deterrent to thieves knowing full-well that convenience store owners are packing heat?

Some callers chimed in saying that's an "eye for an eye" ideal....fighting fire with fire. It would just escalate the situation and somebody could die, whether it's the defending owner or the assailant.

I'm not so sure about that. While I am all for decreasing violence in our city, I feel that making convenience store owners take weapons safety training and understanding their rights as gun owners would decrease the amount of robberies in the city. Any thug going up against a store owner who is trained to spot the signs of ill-intent and is fully prepared to defend their livelihood, would be a fool to think they have a fighting chance.

In a world where those at the top are demanding "accountability" from those on the bottom, we sure do make it easy for ill-doers to get away with their harmful actions. I think it's time to take our own words seriously, and begin enforcing the enforceable. It's called preventative measures.