The Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford is asking for the city's assistance to help maintain a building that the city owns.

Timothy Valentine, flickr

We took some calls today, and surprisingly most of them were totally against tax payer dollars going toward helping with the cost of maintaining the Zeiterion. They need around $150,000 to keep things going.

Some of our callers felt that despite the Zeiterion doing good in the community, and for the businesses of Downtown New Bedford, people believe that tax payer dollars should go towards things like police, firefighters and teachers.

By closing down the 'Z', we could cost so many in the Downtown New Bedford businesses a lot of money or worse.

Katherine Knowles, the executive director of the Zeiterion called in and told us about all the factors. The city of New Bedford owns the building, and the Zeiterion Inc (non profit) helps run the building by bringing in shows and providing jobs. Basically, they need help maintaining the building that the city of New Bedford already owns.

Many question whether the $150,000 needed by the 'Z' would be put to better use to fix fire-stations around the city.