The American Academy of Pediatrics say the vast majority of middle and high school student are in a permanent state of jet lag from insufficient amounts of sleep. A recent separate survey found that after 9 p.m., 82 percent of the students surveyed were watching TV and the rest were either on the phone texting or online!

And, on top of that, kids are guzzling energy drinks and caffeinated sodas, so it's little wonder their sleep cycles are off. That said, your teenager wants to sleep later on school days and the doctors' agree. Studies show adolescents who get plenty of sleep avoid being overweight, depressed and have higher test scores. Some school districts are debating making the time change.

So, is the answer to the jet lag syndrome problem later start times or insisting that parents start parenting? It's the parents who allow their kids to stay up playing videogames, watching TV, texting messages or online. Do you believe the answer is to start the school day at 8:30 or 9 a.m.?