Coming to a beach near you - sharks.

Fairhaven officials have received unconfirmed reports of sharks in the waters off of Town Beach and Nakata Avenue over the past few days.

Fairhaven Harbormaster David Darmofal tells WBSM News he has notified the Town Selectmen and others.

The possible threat of sharks in the area didn't scare off West Island beachgoers, though. Susan Kennefick was soaking up some rays Saturday morning. She tells WBSM News common sense is the best precaution when sharks are reported in the area.

Harbormaster Darmofal says recent seal sightings at Fairhaven beaches are probably drawing the sharks to the area.

Darmofal says until he or the Assistant Harbormaster sees a shark for themselves, the beaches will most likely remain open.

A reverse 911 call has been sent to Fairhaven residents warning them of the possible shark sightings.