Yesterday, Massachusetts' Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren spoke about the President's plan for Syria, and Ed Markey wants more information before he casts a real vote. 

Ed Markey is part of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and instead of voting yay or nay, he voted "present", and that move doesn't sit well with Scott Brown.

According to WBZ, Scott Brown has ripped Sen. Markey. Brown took to his official Facebook page to voice his thoughts on Markey's failure to vote on the situation:

If you saw the new Senator from MA - Sen. Markey, he voted "present" in the Committee on Foreign Relations vote today. Please let him know that the people of MA did not send him down there to vote "present", they sent him down there to at least vote. He gets a check, he should vote. I did not agree with John Kerry on much, but at least he would have had the guts to vote. Markey said he needs more time to analyze the information. He sits on the Committee that gets all the information. Unreal. Let's see who covers for him.

The committee had a final vote of 10-7 in favor if using force in Syria. Markey has defended his actions saying that the people of Massachusetts want their representatives to know analyzed facts before action.