Have you heard about the benefits of 'salt therapies' and how it works? Salt chambers look something like a tanning bed with a see through cover and they are popping up all across the country! Many allergy sufferers swear by the relief salt chambers give to their sinus issues, asthma, bad allergies and psoriasis.

The 20-minute salt chamber breathing treatment gives one the sense that you're lying on a beach. De-humidified salt that is touted as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory is dispersed in the air for you to inhale while inside the salt chamber. All the moisture is taken out of the salt and breathing it in, some say, is like taking a toothbrush to your respiratory system.

Lisa Cobb, owner of Luxury on Lovers Spa in Dallas, Texas says her clients range from airline pilots to people suffering from respiratory ailments. The New England Journal of Medicine is among groups publishing studies touting the benefit of inhaling salt, but finding actual clinical trials is difficult thus far.

Customers using salt chamber therapy say they don't need an outside clinical study because they are proof that it really works! Is there a spa around here that offers salt chamber therapy?