The latest issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine has many people upset because of the cover picture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. CVS and Walgreens are among the stores that refuse to stock the magazine and Boston Mayor Tom Menino denounced the magazine for their celebrity treatment of the bomber.

Now, there's another reason to be upset if you live on the Southcoast. We checked out the article on-line today and found a section on page 4 about UMass Dartmouth. Janet Reitman writes:

A middling school an hour and a half south of Boston, UMass Dartmouth had one distinguishing feature – its utter lack of character. "It's beige," says Jackson. "It's, like, the most depressing campus I've ever seen."


Jahar arrived in the fall of 2011 and almost immediately wanted to go home. North Dartmouth, where the university is based, is a working-class community with virtually nothing to boast of except for a rather sad mall and a striking number of fast-food joints. It has a diverse student population, but their level of curiosity seemed to fall far below his friends' from Rindge. "Using my high-school essays for my english class #itsthateasy."

You can read the rest of the Rolling Stone article here.