Do you remember a show called "Siskel & Ebert"?  Thousands of people tuned in each week to see which movies received a "thumbs up" or "thumps down" from Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert from 1986-1999. I will forever remember the passionate exchanges between these two film critics and the impact they had on whether or not I would see a movie.

After his loss of speech, Ebert chronicled his life in a memoir entitled, Life ItselfSteve James made Ebert's life come to life on the big screen in the movie adaptation of the book.

According to Fandor,"Life Itself isn’t merely the story of a famous film critic, but a testimony to how a voice manifests itself among the people in one’s life. In that sense, this movie might speak for all of us."

I can't wait to see this movie to see if it deserves a "thumbs up or thumbs down" review!