So how long has it been that we voted yes to allowing casino's in Massachussetts? Once again the red tape in the state has stalled any progress for a casino to be built.

If I remember correctly the state has three licenses available and the cost to apply for one is about $400,000! With the cost that high only serious bidders will apply. I see that there is some news about a casino being built in the southeastern part of the state, the Mashpee Wampanoag are still pursuing a tribal casino in the region.

The Federal government turned down a recent proposal from the Wampanoag because they would have to pay too much to the state. They are still pressing on trying to come up with another plan that would work for both the Federal and State Government, as this goes on many commercial developers would like to get the license to build a casino in the area.

If this drags on for too long and nothing happens other states close to us could build a casino and that would end it all for us. I have heard some say that New Hampshire could jump in and build one and what would that do to Massachusetts? I hope we can get something done soon so our state can benefit from any profit.