Just a bit after moving Jon Lester, the Red Sox are back in the headlines. This time it's for sending another starting pitcher, John Lackey, to the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Espn.com is reporting that in return for the righty, who's pitching well this season, the cards will send first baseman/outfielder Allen Craig and starting pitcher Joe Kelly to Boston.

Well there you have it folks. The Sox have made another big move and stolen more solid major league quality players from another team, in exchange for starting pitching. That should show everyone how valuable quality starters are, when you're in a pennant race.

I said I was shocked with what they got back in the Lester deal but I'm even more blown away with this move. Craig is a great hitter and Kelly has been successful so far, in his brief career. Craig, I guess was expendable because of the emergance of Oscar Tavares and Matt Adams in St. Louis. What a steal for the Sox.

I don't know how they're pulling these deals off but I'm baffled. It's good for them, next year.