So I need to move my office, the station manager said that they needed to use my current office for someone else and asked if I would move, I said sure.  Along with the move I needed a new desk, so I went to the store picked out a nice desk.  Well, I brought the box the desk came in back to the office, I opened it up and there in front of me was a pile of parts like I have never seen!

The instruction manual looked like a phone book!  I do consider myself a handy guy and jumped in with both feet, fast forward 4 hours later I had the desk 95 percent done!  4 hours!  I finished the desk the next day after working on it for another hour, yep 5 hours to put a desk together, it wasn't really difficult but just lots of little parts to fit together.

I am not upset that it took that long to build, but you think they could have made it a little less time consuming.  I do have a sense of pride being able to put it together on my own, I guess I would be really proud if I took the raw materials and made the desk myself, but that would have looked like who knows what!  Then again I could have just taken a couple of milk crates and a piece of wood and used that!