While many were focused on Romney vs. Obama, there were many other matters at hand on election day. That included Puerto Rico saying they were in favor of becoming the 51st State. The question asked was whether or not people in Puerto Rico liked things they way they were, or whether or not they would like the achieve statehood.

The first question asked about Puerto Rico's relationship with the USA, and whether or not they would like the seek change. 46 percent voted to keep things the way they are, while 54 percent said that they would like to change their relationship with the United States. That could have meant a variety of things. Almost all of the voting precincts have reported thus far.

The second question about statehood offered three option.

  • Become a State 61%
  • Become a Sovereign association 33%
  • Independence from all 5%

The next step in becoming a state would be going to Congress. It also depends on who is currently in charge of the Island, and if they would like to seek it out.

[Via Yahoo]