President Obama is promising that there will be a review of a drone strike in January that killed an American and Italian hostage along with al-Qaeda operatives.

In a speech to members of the U.S. intelligence community today, he said that he wants to identify the lessons that can be learned in order for that situation to be avoided in the future.

Yesterday, President Obama said he took full responsibility for the drone strike that killed Warren Weinstein, who had been held by al-Qaeda since 2011.  The strike also killed American al-Qaeda member Adam Gadahn.

The strike has led some critics to question the quality of the intelligence that's gathered before a drone attack.  (Metro Networks Inc.)

Meantime, the father of an Italian hostage who was killed in a U.S. drone strike says ``condolences'' and ``excuses'' from the United States aren't enough. He says he wants his son's remains brought home.

President Obama announced yesterday that Giovanni Lo Porto and American hostage Warren Weinstein were killed during a mid-January airstrike near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Italy says it wants more information from the United States on what happened.

(Associated Press)