President Obama visited Newtown, Connecticut on Sunday. He met with the families of the victims, and spoke at a candlelight vigil.

A visibly emotional Barack Obama took the podium at a candlelight vigil in Newtown, CT on Sunday night. He spoke to the crowd about how for the fourth time since he's been president, he has had to deliver such an address.

During his address to the people of Newtown, President Obama talked about being a parent, safety in schools, and how these events could be prevented. At one point President Obama said that we can no longer look at events like this as 'routine'. He added, 'we need to change'.

The President said that the shooter (who he did not name) took the lives of 26 innocent people - '20 beautiful children, and six remarkable adults'.  He would later read the names of the six adults, calling them heroes, and also read the 20 children's names. He said that God had called them home.

Perhaps the President is hinting at some sort of gun-control related changes in the future. A bill is being proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein come 2013 to ban assault rifles.