As a dog owner this story caught my eye. Suzie a 6-year-old poodle was struck by a car and carried 11 miles stuck under the grille! Suzie was pried from under the grille of a Toyota sedan by police and staff from the East Providence Animal Control Center, after she was spotted hanging out of the front of the car! Surprisingly the poodle had very few injuries, the dog was able to stand on her own x-rays found no broken bones, she did suffer a slight concussion and lost a tooth.

This is amazing to me that a dog was hit by a car and survived! Suzie did have an implanted electronic identification chip under her skin, but her owners never registered it. The owners of the dog reported her missing and only when they saw the story on television did they realize where she was. Suzie's owners live near the Taunton-Rehoboth line where she was hit and scooped up by the car as the driver traveled along Route 44, for 11 miles until she was discovered in the grille!

What an amazing story of survival, imagine what this poor dog went through being stuck like that! I'm glad that this story has a happy ending with Suzie being fine, now let's hope her owners register that electronic chip.