Tell me it ain't so, Fido! After all these years of getting affectionate dog kisses, I'm now told that they may contain harmful bacteria, if you allow your dog to kiss you on the mouth? Hmm, maybe my mother was right, after all.

Is it just urban legend that a dog's mouth is clean and the dog's tongue even had a healing agent? I guess so, because Nova Southeastern University Microbiologist, Dr. Julie Torruellas-Garcia, says you really should think twice before you allow your dog to lick you on the lips. Testing revealed evidence of Nisseria, a bacteria linked to STD's, pneumonia and plaque.

Think about where your dog tends to lick before exchanging facial kisses. The good news, however, is although the bacteria is gone quickly from a dog's mouth, usually in a few minutes, nothing deadly was found in the animal's saliva!. Still, you can love your pooch without having to exchange saliva, but that's a matter that you have to decide. Now stay...stay!