They have been called man's best friend, and if you are a dog owner you know they they are part of your family. More then just an animal, this police dog from Plymouth, MA was laid to rest at the end of May, but not before his fellow officers saluted him. 

As Kaiser was being led pas the officers one last time, they all saluted the 2 year-old pup who was diagnosed with a kidney disease that was taking his life quickly. Rather then see him suffer, they decided to put him to sleep before the disease got worse.

Though Kaiser was not yet 3 years-old, he managed to touch the hearts of everyone around him, and the world. This message was posted on the Plymouth Police Working Dog Foundation Facebook page:

RIP my boy. I could not have asked for a better partner or friend. May you rest easy and wait for me at that sacred bridge. I will be there my friend. I will be there. I will never forget you or our accomplishments. You made me a better person, a better handler, and a better cop. Till we meet again kai. I love you and will miss you daily.