Breakfast of Champions, well almost champions! I was cruising down the aisles of the local Stop & Shop the other day and came across the display of 'Gronk Flakes'. Gronk Flakes are a limited edition of frosted corn flakes in a collector's box.

When you buy a box you not only get a cool box you help out a good cause. Rob Gronkowski and his brothers came together and decided to create their own foundation, Gronk Nation Youth Foundation, a nonprofit organization to benefit youth charities. The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and supporting youth to reach their maximum potential to inspire them to be positively involved in sports, community activities, education and fitness. I think it's great that 'Gronk' is using his popularity in a positive way! We see so many news items about professional atheletes that are in trouble for one thing or another, it's refreshing to see one doing a positive thing.