Superintendent of New Bedford Schools Dr. Pia Durkin is on a mission to include parents in the turnaround plan being implemented at the high school.

Dr. Durkin hosted about 30 parents Thursday afternoon, outlining what changes their children will see with the turnaround plan, including a teacher turnover of 29%.

John Brierly's son already graduated from the school, but still wants to know how the school is progressing. He tells WBSM News the students didn't necessarily need to know some of their teachers were being fired.

Brierly and other parents also accentuated the need for a more positive light on the school's strongpoints like AP classes, the Engineering Academy, and extracurricular activities. They said a more positive image of the school wouldn't concern prospective students and would make a greater variety of colleges available to graduates.

Elizabeth Blanchard is the mother of an 8th grader preparing to enter high school in the fall. She tells WBSM News one of her biggest concerns is information sharing....

The next meeting is being held Monday, March 3, at the high school's Family Engagement Center.