President Obama's tan summer suit is generating plenty of chatter on the Internet.

Much ado has been made about the President's suit selection Thursday during his presser on the conflict in Iraq and Syria. Tweets on the subject offered quips such as "The Audacity of Taupe" and "Yes we tan!," noting the stark contrast to the gray or blue suits even the President himself admitted to wearing exclusively in a 2012 interview with "Vanity Fair."

Still, he is getting some support for his fashion choice despite the questions that have arisen. Pulitzer Prize winner Robin Givhan of the "Washington Post" said there was nothing wrong with the President's suit except that it was a little big.

Givhan said people are overreacting to a perfectly appropriate suit color for the time of year and occasion, adding that it wasn't like he showed up in Pharrell Williams' short suit. (Metro Networks Inc.)