Reports are coming in that there are 27 deaths, including the gunman, at a school shooting at Sand Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Update 4:09pm - The shooter’s name has been officially released. It is Adam Lanza, age 20. Previously, it had been reported that the gunman was Mr. Lanza’s older brother, Ryan. Ryan Lanza is being questioned by the FBI in Newark, N.J.

Lt. Paul Vance reports that there are 20 dead children. Two died at a local hospital, while 18 were pronounced dead at the scene. Six adults were killed, and there is also a second crime scene in Newtown where one adult is dead.

Update 1:35p:

CBS News is also reporting that a possible second shooter is now in custody. This is also coming down the wire from NBC News, but the shooters name is not yet being released.

Update: 1:17p

There are 27 deaths as a result of this shooting, and 14 of them are children. Officials say that the death toll is expected to rise.

Sources say that the shooter was affiliated with the school.

Update 11:40a:

The shooter was adult, and a parent of one of the students. The police have recovered two guns at the scene. Police are still combing the scene.

At least three people were injured, and are currently being treated at a local hospital.

ABC News is reporting that the town of Newtown, Connecticut is currently locked down, and SWAT has been sent to the school after a reported shooting around 9:41am.

They are getting reports that a gunman has been killed. Students and faculty have been escorted out of the building and all afternoon classes and buses have been canceled. No word on wounded or casualties, besides the gunman.

SWAT rushes into the school. NBC News

There are unconfirmed reports of a second gunman at this time.  Police say that the gunman was in the schools main office, and one person in that room suffered some serious gunshot wounds. They are saying that there are a number of other injuries.


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